What is the difference between the free Basic version of the app versus the Pro version?2015-12-12T14:31:17-06:00

The Basic version of the app is free but limited to printing 12 labels per day after the first 100 labels.

The Pro version may be purchased In-App and allows for unlimited printing.

I use a medication with different concentrations, but the app only allows me enter one concentration.2017-08-13T17:54:48-05:00

If you use different concentrations of the same medication, then simply create a new medication label template with the same medication name and change the concentration.

For example, if the app has “Lidocaine 1%” already in the database, but you sometimes use “Lidocaine 2%” as well, then tap on Plus icon on the upper right of the “Edit Labels” view. Enter all of the pertinent drug information in each field. After this has been done, “Lidocaine 1%” and “Lidocaine 2%” will now appear in the list of drugs.


When my iPhone® or iPad® is logged on the wireless network for the label printers, I no longer have Internet access.2015-04-11T10:42:56-05:00

This can occur when a wireless network is created for dedicated printing only and the wireless router is not connected to the Internet. Internet access can be obtained by either switching off Wi-Fi on the iPhone® or iPad® or selecting another wireless network when printing labels is not needed.


I do not see the wireless network name on the list of available networks.2015-04-11T10:40:44-05:00

Many businesses configure their wireless network to be hidden so that the network name, or SSID, is not broadcast.

The label printer, iPhone®, or iPad® can be configured to use a hidden wireless network by selecting Other… then entering the network SSID name manually. After this is initially done, the network name will then appear each time in the list of available networks for that device.


Why am I prompted to check for an out-of-refrigeration expiration date when printing a vial label?2017-08-13T17:56:49-05:00

Some medications require refrigeration. Once removed from refrigeration, they can only be used within a certain period of time. It is common for a pharmacy department to place an “out-of-refrigeration” expiration sticker on these drugs.

The ORxLabels™ app calculates an expiration date based upon the normal expiration time that is appropriate when a multi-dose vial is opened. It is possible that the calculated expiration date could be after the “out-of-refrigeration” expiration date. Therefore, the app will prompt the user to check for this possibility. In a situation where the “out-of-refrigeration” expiration date occurs first, the label will be printed with the earliest expiration date.

This “out-of-refrigeration” date check can enabled for each drug in the “Edit Drug” view.


The vial label prints “single-use only” but the medication is a multi-dose vial.2015-12-12T14:25:40-06:00

Drug data can be edited by tapping on the Info icon to the right of the drug label template.

There is a “Multi-dose Vial” switch that can be turned ON for drugs that are supplied in a multi-dose vial.

It is mandatory to consult with the facility’s pharmacy department to determine the correct expiration time for each medication, as this can vary by the medication formulation and manufacturer.


Why are the medication expiration times so short?2015-04-11T20:31:58-05:00

The expiration times for each medication can be edited in the Settings area of the application. It is mandatory to consult with the health care facility’s pharmacy department in order to determine the correct expiration time limits for each drug in the initial database, as well as for any new drugs added.

Expiration times are determined both by the stability of the specific medication, as well as the potential for microbial contamination. Medication expiration times can vary by the specific drug, by the manufacturer, and by the specific formulation. The expiration times also vary by the environment and technique in which the medication is transferred from the original container to a secondary container.


How can I download the ORxLabels™ app on a new iPhone® or iPad®?2015-04-11T20:32:27-05:00

There is no need to re-purchase the ORxLabels™. Go to the App Store and sign in under the AppleID used for the original purchase.

The App Store will automatically allow the app to be downloaded for installation on another device under the same AppleID.


The printed label text is oriented incorrectly or is tiny in size.2017-08-13T17:58:00-05:00

Tap on the Settings icon on the bottom right. Verify that the correct label media type is selected.



The anesthesia provider initials are not printed on the label.2015-12-12T14:27:09-06:00

Tap on the Settings icon on the lower right hand side the ORx Labels™ app, then enter the user initials in the corresponding text field.


When I try to select a printer “no AirPrint printers are available” appears.2015-12-12T14:29:08-06:00

First, verify that the label printer is turned on and that it is connected to the network. Many printers have a Wi-Fi light that will indicate if they are currently connected.

Second, verify that the iPhone® or iPad® is connected to the same wireless network as the label printer. Sometimes the iPhone® or iPad® will choose a prior network to connect to if that network is received first. This can be prevented by selecting “Forget Network” on the device for the other networks.

Finally, sometimes if the network is congested it can take up to 30 seconds for all the printers connected on the network to reply. Therefore, simply trying a second time to select the printer will usually resolve this issue.


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