JCAHO Inspections

ORxLabels™ is designed to meet or exceed the 2015 National Patient Safety Goals , specifically Goal 3 regarding the labeling of medications. This decreases the possibility of the hospital receiving a negative score on these elements of performance. The application handles all of the following situations:

  • Syringe labels

  • Medication dilutions

  • Expiration time in hours or days

  • Labels for opened MDV medication vials

Embraced by Anesthesiologists and CRNAs

The ORxLabels™ app was designed by anesthesiologists and CRNAs as a way to comply with the increasing regulatory requirements, yet in a way that is easy, saves time, and enhances patient safety. The app is embraced by anesthesia providers because it:

  • Automatically calculates expiration times or dates

  • Prints all the labels for a case at once

  • Allows for customization of medications

  • Allows for selection and printing of labels in seconds


The ORxLabels™ solution is designed to be very economical and requires little additional space in the already crowded O.R. environment. Leveraging the power of the ubiquitous iPhone® or iPad® avoids the expense and space that would be required for a dedicated computer. Utilizing inexpensive label printers that use thermal technology avoids the expense, space, and ink maintenance costs that are associated with larger color printers. The recommended label printers and label media offer the following advantages:

  • Label printers can be purchased for approximately $150

  • One roll DK-2205 can print 1,600 labels

  • No ink or toner is required with the recommended label printers

  • Media and printing costs are typically less than one cent per label

Alternative Solutions

Health care facilities have employed a variety of approaches in order to comply with the requirements for JCAHO inspections regarding medication labeling. Many of these alternative approaches are expensive, cumbersome, or impractical. This leads to difficulty with anesthesia provider compliance.

The most common labeling approach requires the anesthesia provider to calculate expiration dates and times manually, then record this and other requried information on a small label that generally measures no more than half-inch in height and two inches in length. A separate roll of labels must be available for each commonly used medication. While economical, this method is time-consuming, tedious, clutters workspace, and requires constant inventory monitoring and restocking of multiple label rolls.

Another approach utilizes pharmaceutical companies for pre-drawn syringes which are pre-labeled by the company. This is an easy to use method and well accepted by anesthesia providers; however, it is cost prohibitive and has significantly reduced drug shelf life. Typically only the most common drugs are stocked in these pre-drawn syringes; thus, the need for on-site labeling still exists.

Using a dedicated anesthesia labeling system is another approach. Some of these systems are available as stand-alone devices or integrated with automated medication systems such as Pyxis® or Omnicell®. They utilize a hardware device that is composed of a computer, touch screen interface, inkjet printer, and scanner. This results in a device that is bulky, expensive, and requires regular replacement of printer ink or toner.


In contrast to the alternative solutions above, the ORxLabels™ system is designed to meet or exceed medication requirements for JCAHO inspections, be well accepted by anesthesia providers, and be easy and economical to implement.

ORxLabels makes labeling drugs and all the inherent compliance issues super easy! Even without enough coffee!

Lisa Solder, CRNA

Works flawlessly! Never going to hand-write labels again. Syringes and infusion bags have labels that are clear to all. A must have App!

Chris Ullmann, CRNA

Inexpensive label app that saves time and money! No more hospital violations from my department. Customized drug list allows me to easily print off the drugs I use most frequently. A great program to easily label drugs in a few seconds at the touch of a button.

Jamie Papesca, CRNA

Simple, intuitive, and fast! You’re able to professionally mark your syringes and vials within seconds, satisfying those pesky but mandatory JCAHO and hospital drug labeling requirements. A must have for any Operating Room and Anesthesia Department!

Allen Benfield, CRNA, MS