The ORxLabels™ system can be easily and economically implemented in your surgical suite by the following three step procedure:

Step 1:  Purchase the Label Printers

QL-710WThe ORxLabels™ app is designed to be capable of working with most label printers that have AirPrint capability. Ideal label printers are those that have a small footprint, are inexpensive, require minimal maintenance, and can produce a label of a practical size.

We recommend the Brother™ QL-810W label printer and the DK-1204 label media. See the Wi-Fi & Label Printers page for additional information.

Step 2:  Configure the Label Printers

WiFi300The AirPrint label printers must be configured to connect to a wireless network in the health care facility. This is accomplished by temporarily connecting the printer to a computer with a USB cable and running setup software. Also, it is important to assign a unique AirPrint name to each printer in order to allow the anesthesia provider to identify and designate which printer to use.

The health care facility’s IT Department is an important partner in implementation. They can select the wireless network to use for the ORxLabels™ system. All of the label printers and all of the anesthesia providers iPhones® or iPads® must be connected to the same network.

The Wi-Fi & Label Printers page contains additional information to facilitate this process.

Step 3:  Install the ORxLabels™ App

Each anesthesiologist or CRNA will need to download the ORxLabels™ app from the Apple iOS App Store. Each provider must also configure the Wi-Fi settings on their iPhone® or iPad® to be on the same wireless network that the label printers are connected to.

If the health care facility chooses to provide the ORxLabels™ app at no cost to the anesthesia providers, the health care facility can enroll in the Apple Volume Purchase Program for Business. This process can be done online in a few minutes. This program will allow the facility to then purchase apps in volume from the App Store. The ORxLabels™ app can be distributed to each anesthesia provider by providing a redeemable code for the purchase of the app.

Alternatively, the health care facility can purchase Apple iTunes gift cards that the anesthesia providers can use for purchasing the ORxLabels™ app.

If you have anesthesia providers that do not have a personal iPhone® or iPad®, your facility could consider purchasing iPad® mini devices.